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Wine Tastings and Booking

We are excited to convey and communicate with all our customers, allowing you to be guided by our wine professionals, with passion, generosity and kindness. Every wine tasting is a very personal and privileged experience, with time set aside to taste, learn, share, and exchange.

You will taste 4 to 5 Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines over the course of an hour.The Maître Sommelier will not hesitate to share all of their fantastic knowledge with you in order for you to better understand all of the subtleties of the tasting.

Wine tasting is complimentary for up to six people.There will be a small fee for groups of six or more.However, due to high demand, tastings are strictly by appointment only.

Please contact us as soon as possible to book an unforgettable experience.




Important notes about tastings:

  • According to French law, all tasting participants must be over the age of 18.Age verification may be required.

  • We warmly welcome families to share in the joys of our vinous sanctuary as a child-friendly wine tasting cave. However, we kindly request that parents maintain a calm environment during the tasting sessions, as they are designed to cater to our adult clientele's learning and tasting experiences. Crying or noisy children may disturb the tranquil atmosphere and jeopardise the enjoyment of all participants. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in creating an environment conducive to our valued guests' pleasure and education.


Thank you for your cooperation and participation in our vinous community.

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