Guys' Maître Collection - A unique tasting experience

Guys' Maître Collection - A unique tasting experience


Unsure which Châteauneuf-du-Pape to choose?

Which style - Classic, Neo-classic or Contemporary?

Do you want to try a range of wines skilfully chosen by Guy, Maître Sommelier?   

Well then this is the case for you!

Guy has prepared a unique case with 12 individual wines, across the styles.   

His tasting notes (videos available within the members only pages) will guide you, so if you like them, it is easy to reorder it.

This is ideal for you, but would also make an amazing gift!

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    Château de Vaudieu  2017

    Domaine Paul Autard  2019


    Domaine Roger Perrin 2017 

    Domaine Lou Frejau 2012 

    Château Sixtine 2018

    Domaine Roger Perrin "Vielles Vignes " 2017 

    Domaine Bois de Boursan 2017

    Domaine de Galevan "St Georges" 2016

    Domaine Giraud 2018

    Domaine de Nalys " Reserve " 2015

    Domaine Raymond Usseglio "Part des Anges" 2018

    Domaine de la Janasse 2017 

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