We are open!

Yes, with many restrictions now being lifted, the Tasting Caves are open and getting busy.

Guy has been vaccinated, and all the COVID protocols are in place.

So, if you are visiting Châteauneuf-du-pape, we'd love you to come in and see us - but please let us know you are coming :-)

Wines of the Month
- June

This month, your personal Maître Sommelier (Guy Brémond) has selected the White Domaine Grand Tinel 'Roussane de Charles' 2019 and the Red Domaine Pierre Giraud 2018.   

You'd be mad to miss out on these wines - as you CAN'T buy the White in the USA and other countries!   

Only €129 for three bottles (1 white and 2 reds)


Our Fine Foods shop is now open

We have now opened a 'Fine Foods' shop in the centre of our town.


Stocking amazing 'award winning fine foods' from Provence.


We are going to be launching some unique wine and fine food packs on our website very soon - which you can't buy from anywhere else in the world.


U.S. Government Continues its Tariffs suspension on European Wines

The U.S. administration continues its suspension of the 25% wine tax, so we are continuing to give all our customers an extra 10% discount until the end of June.


For our US customers, this is SAVING YOU 35%!


Use 'promo' code USA35

(you'll receive a 10% discount at the checkout and then a 25% saving at US tax)


VIP Customers also get double points on those wine case purchases.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting

Our Virtual Wine Tasting service continues to grow in popularity across the globe.   People love it so much, they are now booking additional events.


Here are some of the ways people are using it: for themselves, work events, family parties, charity events and birthday presents.


It is great value and costs much less than you would think.   What would you use yours for?

Social Media

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Come and join the fun!

VIP Membership

Our VIP Members are getting discounts on their purchases and early introductions of new products.   Are you?


It is quick, easy and free to do.   


Some of our pages and products are locked and only visible to VIP's.